About Us

M.A. Proteins has always learnt from its management to thrive on quality and quality alone.We give high priority to the quality and freshness of the fish that we use to manufacture fishmeal and for that purpose M.A.Proteins has acquired 23 boats that catch fresh fish only for the company. The return time of each boat after the catch to the port is around six to eight hours which helps to keep the raw material in good condition.

M.A.Proteins started with a total production capacity of 9000mt of finished fishmeal per year but with regular integration, expansion and high level of commitment to deliver the best quality fishmeal, M.A.Proteins is now capable of producing 36000mt of fishmeal on the annual basis (ALHAMDULILAH). However, depending on the catch of fish and the raw material availability we expect to produce around 20,000mt of fishmeal every year.

Our fishmeal is produced in a very careful environment while keeping the HACCP in full check and under the strict bio security surveillance. We have many technical and semi-technical staff that looks after the matter in very strict manner and has full fledge training of handling and stacking fishmeal to the highest standards.

M.A. Proteins proves its prestige and commitment by being the only environmental friendly fishmeal manufacturer in Pakistan by installing a deodoriser and scrubber for smell reduction and environment protection.

All in all, M.A.Proteins has invested its future in the fishmeal business and it is ready to take up the challenge of providing top quality fishmeal to its prestigious customers all around the world.