Partners In Success

Sind Feeds & Allied Products

Sind Feeds and allied Products is a parent company of M.A.Proteins. It was established by its founder managing partner, Late Shaikh Muhammad Anwar in 1977. He introduced the palletized feed for the first time in Pakistan. This company by the grace of Allah, right from its inception in regarded as one of the best-feed manufacturers in the country, and its products are always in demand. Sind feeds and Allied Products is also involved in import and export of all kinds of feed stuffs and oil meals.

Lucky Chicks

Madina Breeding (Pvt) ltd is a new sister company of Sind Feeds and allied product engaged in production and supply of day-old quality chicks in Pakistan. The company focuses on integrated poultry production. Besides the qualified professional operation managers, the top management of madina breeding is also the same that of sind feeds and allied products. The group has been successfully associated with feed manufacturing for the last thirty years, which also has an arm operation of breeding day old chicks and further raising chickens.